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Ferreyra Blog

We are going to try and use this as often as possible to let all of you know what it is that we are up too. Blogging has never been a strong point and this is why I am going to rely on Monica to do a lot of the updating on this page. I will from time to time do my best to keep this part up to date as well as the rest of the site.

Braden's Birthday - Jan 24 2007

Well the time finally came and our first son has officially turned 5 years old and I cannot believe how fast time has been going. Looking at him and then seeing how our other children are it is weird to see the growth and how much Braden has learned and the type of personality that he has. I guess it will always amaze me what kids can do at a very young age.

Brigitte get her first teeth

Brigitte has finally broken through with her teeth. She is going to turn 7 months old and I think she is the fastest of our kids to have teeth break through this early. At least she is not walking like her brother Gavin, I think Monica would find that being to much to handle this early.

Disneyland - Dec 26 2006

Disneyland was probably the coolest thing that we did as a family for christmas. The boys had no idea of where we were going until we go there. Then they realized that we were at "Mickey's club house" as they call it. They were excited and had a lot of fun. We did tons of rides, got some great pictures that I will put up on our site as well, and both Braden and Gavin got to get their pictures with Mickey himself. It was fun to do that after having to drive for over 10 hours there and 10 houes back. We combined our trip with that of Kristi's wedding and figured since we were there that we would take the kids to Disneyland. I think the boys like Pirates of the caribean and Braden really liked Splash mountain as he went down it with his Mom and Dad on seperate occasions.


More on this to come